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Chatting our way through Corona, with Rock the Day

Posted by Molly Smith on
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Obviously there's a lot going on in the world right now. We want to provide some occupation for anxious minds and some positive content for your browser. So, we've decided to Chat our way through Corona with some of our favourite people.

This week, it's the turn of our friends at Rock the Day. These ladies literally never fail to put a smile on our face, and we'd like you to benefit from that super power of theirs! So, we had a chat with their Head Stylist, Laura, and here's what she had to say...

Rock the Day by Kelsie Low Photography. We're speaking to Laura (the babe top centre!)

RTF: Hi Laura! Sending so much love to the Rock the Day team & your families - thank you for your time and answering our questions! First question is the most important; how are you? How are you finding lockdown?

Rock the Day: We're all good, but we are missing work. Honestly, that's our biggest complaint at the moment - so we're more than happy to answer your questions! Thank you for including us!

Oh we feel ya - we're missing meeting brides so much! How has lockdown been for the Rock the Day team in terms of work? How has your working day changed?

RTD: Its been difficult as we can't use our workshop or studio for meeting anyone or creating anything.  We've been having daily video calls just to keep in touch with each other and to keep our spirits up.  Motivation has been hard but we're lucky in that, as we're a team, there's always one of us supporting the other.

Rock the Day's studio space is amazing. We love visiting!

Obviously as you work in events, business must have been massively affected by COVID-19. How are you feeling about the future? (Super positive we hope, cos you got this!)

RTD: It's not easy to predict what is going to happen for businesses in the event industry, as we don't know what the time scale will be until lockdown is over, but we are feeling positive about it as we know that other companies are in the same boat as us, so to speak.  We have been keeping in touch with other industry creatives just to make sure that they aren't feeling alone in this.  This is great for keeping everyone's spirits up!

Rock the Frock Bridal boutique | Bridal separates | Chic bride

Rock the Day's incredible Cloud prop | Bride wears our Otaduy two piece | Image by The Menagerie Lifestyle

Of course you have! You guys are always looking out for other people - that's part of why we love you so much <3

We absolutely LOVE all of your props but we think our (most recent) favourite is your cloud [pictured above]! Obsessed! Have you each got a favourite piece from the collection

RTD: Thank you! We love the Cloud too! I must say that our favourite piece so far has been the 'Break Out Wall' for a 'Stranger Things' event! It definitely had the 'Wow' factor!

Well, our end-of-lockdown party is now going to be Stranger Things themed!

How do you find the inspiration to keep making such amazing props?

RTD: We actually get a lot of inspiration from interior magazines and fashion trends.  To be honest, everything that is in fashion has been around before and I'm old enough to have seen it firsthand!

Hahaha I love that! What's the most surprising thing anyone's ever asked you to make?

RTD: A barrel to sit in! A London university requested a open barrel made for two people to sit in to use at a debating seminar! 

An interesting idea, especially in an educational setting... sounds like our kinda uni!

Rock the Day host legendary parties themselves. We cannot WAIT to be hanging out with them again <3

What's been the most challenging prop you've ever made?

RTD: We would have to say the 'Break Out' wall from the 'Stranger Things' event.  To be able to recreate something from such a popular series was a challenge! Using resin for the middle section for a hand to come out was the most intense job - worth it though, to make it so life like!

Is there anything you'd like to tell the Rock the Frock & Rock the Day brides who have had to postpone their weddings for now? 

RTD: Hang on in there! We know that dates have had to be postponed, but we know when the day finally comes it will still be worthwhile and we have seen and heard of wedding suppliers going that extra mile to accommodate Brides.  There's not much that can be done right now, but we have been Skyping Brides to reassure them that we will be there for them, so they know they have our support.  It's not just about doing the job it's making sure the Bride is happy and feeling that she's not the only one going though it.


We'll be back with more Chats soon! In the meantime, keep your chin up & remember you can book Virtual Appointments with our boutiques in Cheshire & Essex every Thursday, from now until normality returns! Lots of love x

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