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Chatting our way through Corona, with Otaduy

Posted by Molly Smith on
Chatting our way through Corona, with Otaduy

Recently, Helen, owner of RTF Cheshire, had a good old catch up with Marta, our amazing contact at Otaduy <3 and we thought you might all like to hear what they were chatting about!

Marta is the MOST adorable person we've ever had the pleasure of working with, and we just feel guilty keeping her all to ourselves! Otaduy (& Marta!) are based in Barcelona and, while they've been keeping us up to date with all our outstanding orders throughout, we were keen to check in to make sure everyone is healthy and keeping safe during this scary time.

So, here's the goss...

Rock the Frock Bridal boutique | Modern bridal wear | Otaduy


Helen: Hi Marta, sending Hugs & Love from England, thank you for your time and for agreeing to be interviewed! Firstly, how are you? I hope you are all keeping safe - I am thinking of you when the news discusses the pandemic in Spain. 

Marta: Hi Helen! Thank you so much for your lovely words, I am so happy to be participating in this interview. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with you and your amazing projects.

H: How has lockdown been & how have you managed to keep the atelier going without being open? 

M: Luckily, the whole Otaduy team is feeling good & safe thanks to the different health measures we have taken under the recommendations of different national and international organisations. We are an incredible family full of strong and warm women: dressmaker, pattern makers, stylists, brides to-be, our partners... all of you are our Love Warriors and you are the most important thing for us, so we make each little decision thinking about you all. 

This lockdown has come to us suddenly but gradually at the same time. Those different stages helped us a lot to coordinate everything that was in our hands before the closure of the atelier. In addition, thanks to our well-planned forecasts from the beginning we can rest assured that all our brides-to-be will be able to have their dresses on time. For example, in your case we are able to send you all the orders scheduled for March and April, which made me really happy 

On the other hand, I know that the entire population is doing everything possible to stop this situation quickly. I am very hopeful that we will overcome this soon, together! These moments unite us even more and make us stronger ⚡ 

Rock the Frock Bridal boutique | Modern bridal wear | Empowering women

Otaduy have always empowered their brides, and they continue to do so now!


H: What have been the main issues caused by Covid-19 for Otaduy? 

M: Well, of course this lockdown is preventing our atelier from tailoring our new collection for the moment and it will mean that will have to do an extra effort when everything goes back to normal. 

But I think the hardest thing for us is to know how sad and frustrating this situation is for our brides-to-be and our stockists. Nevertheless, we are glad that we are able to be by their side and support them in everything we can (even if it is in a virtual way). 

H: Can you tell our brides in England a bit about Otaduy, Otaduy’s essence and your role at Otaduy? 

M: As you probably know, Carolina Otaduy started this amazing project in her own living room some years ago and this is exactly the feeling we want to convey to our brides-to-be. We want them to feel as if they were at home, surrounded by their loved ones and being sure that they will be themselves at any moment, even more on their wedding day. And I am glad to say that my role in Otaduy is to help all our partners around the world to feel that way too.

I take care of organising every new order from you, our lovely partners, and making sure that every Love Warrior, no matter where, can dress as she dreamt. Isn’t that a wonderful job? :) 

H: I have been in LOVE with the 'Inspiration' collection and my brides have LOVED it too – what is your favourite piece/ pieces from the Inspiration collection? 

M: Wow that’s a difficult question! The truth is that Inspiration is a really special collection for me personally because I was able to see all the process. It is incredible to be there when Carolina is drawing a new design, the seamstresses are tailoring the first prototype or when Carolina herself is trying it on! Hahah!

Rock the Frock Bridal boutique | Modern bridal wear | Carolina Otaduy

Carolina Otaduy at Otaduy's atelier in Barcelona

When you see the whole process, you ask yourself - how she can create such magical pieces?

Anyway, I can say that I have some special designs in my mind when we are talking about Inspiration. For example, the Marilyn dress. It is so versatile! That’s one of my favourite things about Otaduy, you can play with all the pieces in so many ways. You can wear Marilyn with the Fly top if you are looking for a romantic mix, with Ceres top to look more elegant or with Rihanna jacket to feel the rock inside you. The combinations are unlimited! 

Another design I love so much is Gloria Steinem. This look is so special and original! I fell in love the first time I saw its buttons and sleeves details. 

Rock the Frock Bridal boutique | Modern bridal wear | bridal two piece

The Gloria Steinham two-piece, one of Marta's favourites


H: The new collection release has been postponed to June, but I have seen some sneak peeks on Instagram. Can you tell me anything about the new collection? 

M: Let me think...

As you know, we can’t reveal anything yet, but I can tell you that it is a collection full of strength, with new amazing fabrics that will surprise you and, as an exclusive track, there will be so many choices to combine! This is a great collection to let your creativity flow and get many different looks and styles. 

Furthermore, Carolina has included some innovative details that heighten women’s power even more, which is the essence of Otaduy. 

I have to say that, when I saw some new pieces, I couldn’t stop to think of you and Rock The Frock brides! They are totally your style! I can’t wait to show you; I am sure you will love each one of them 

H: Are there any pieces which Otaduy are especially excited to release? 

There are a lot of special designs that we can’t wait to show to all our Love Warriors, but maybe the Dreamy line from this new collection is top of the list! 

As in our Inspiration collection, where you saw the Dua Lipa and the Margaery dress, there will be special pieces that seem to have burst from Carolina's imagination. We just can’t love it more! 

Rock the Frock Bridal boutique | Modern bridal wear | pink wedding dress

Otaduy's incredible Margaery gown

H: Your collections contain so many beautiful pieces, what inspires Carolina and the team to keep creating more & more

M: For us, the most important thing is that each of our pieces must find its bride. Each woman is incredible and unique in her own way, that’s why our collection has different lines, we want to make sure that every Love Warrior can find her own style for her special day. 

H: Are all the dresses going to be available in both silk and vegan fabrics? 

As you know, there are more and more brides who are concerned with the origin of their dress and that it fits with their philosophy and values. Carolina is committed to offering Vegan fabrics, so of course we will keep this option in the pieces that allow it! As you see in the vegan pieces you have at Rock the Frock Cheshire, like the Cyrus skirt and Ella dress, our Vegan fabrics are exceptional quality. For our brides-to-be, we propose a Vegan option whenever we can - as long as the dress does not lose the strength and presence its design requires. 

Rock the Frock Bridal boutique | Modern bridal wear | Carolina Otaduy

The Otaduy atelier is currently closed due to lockdown restrictions in Barcelona


H: Sustainability is really important to brides in England – can you tell me how Otaduy maintain their high levels of sustainability? 

M: We work as a team every day to improve our processes. Every time we implement a small change, we always do so following the prism of sustainability. 

For us, one of the aspects we found that we could improve in the short term, was the CO2 emissions that we produced with transport. That is why we have taken two measures (which we constantly review): group shipments as much as possible and produce locally with partners in town. 

We are aware that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting on the planet. We are committed to a concept of slow fashion and we never stop studying new ways to contribute our bit to the environment. 

Talking about sustainability, this worldwide lockdown has given the planet a break - it is a fact. Transport and industries are almost completely stopped, which is letting the world breathe again for a while. 

Maybe this is a great moment to think about it and rethink our role in the planet and what we can do to take care of it more.

H: Absolutely! Otaduy has collaborated with quite a few cool accessory companies in Spain as well as having your own shoe line – do you have any exciting new collaborations or pieces which you can tell us about? 

M: Hahaha you are asking me some difficult questions! The only thing I can reveal is that we are investigating new techniques and materials that we had not looked at until now to give more options to our brides. They will surprise you all!

Rock the Frock Bridal boutique | Modern bridal wear | Otaduy bridal shoes

Otaduy have their own line of bridal shoes


H: Cannot wait to see what you've been up to! Otaduy seems to always be ahead of the trends, how does Carolina keep ahead of the bridal fashion curve? 

M: Carolina is a free soul! We sometimes ask how she can create such wonderful designs and she usually tells us: “I really don’t know, it just came to me and I drew it”. That is the most wonderful thing about her and one of the reasons I admire her so much; her sincere and unexpected talent. 

Of course, she is always enriching her background watching movies, music videos, museums, being informed about new aesthetic and social phenomena... She is always at the forefront of aesthetics, and that helps her to create. Her mind is aaalways working! 

Rock the Frock Bridal boutique | Modern bridal wear | Fashion forward brides

You can always rely on Otaduy for the next bridal trend!

H: Is there anything which you'd like to tell the Otaduy #lovewarrior brides in the UK? 

For sure! First of all, I want to send them all my love and strength for these exceptional moments. I want you to know that me and the whole Otaduy team will be there to support you and we will do our best to help you together with Helen and the entire Rock The Frock team. They are amazing and I am so happy to know that our Love Warriors are in the best hands.

Secondly, I want to thank you for being part of our family! Each time I receive a new order from a Rock The Frock bride I can see in your face; how exciting and beautiful you all are, everyone in their own way, and that makes my day. 

I am very proud that you all follow your own path and to be able to be part of it - even if it is from a distance here in Barcelona!

Last, but not least, I want to thank you Helen for this great opportunity to get a little closer of our Love Warriors in the UK! And congratulations for your amazing work day by day. See you soon in our daily emails Virtual hugs! 

H: Thank you so much for speaking to us & our brides, Marta! Sending you and the team lots of love xxx

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