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Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes - and so do brides!

Posted by Molly Smith on
Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes - and so do brides!



We are all about dressing for your body, not changing it. Let's get rid of that notion that anyone who is engaged must be on a diet. You know your other half proposed to you as are ARE right?! So why on earth would you feel like you need to change that? Someone loves you so much they want to marry you - you, as are you, not you minus two stone plus some new abs.


And while we're on it - let's also get rid of the notion that the only thing any one wants to change about their body is to make it smaller. Every body is different, and everybody has different bits of themselves that they'd like to change.


But we also all have bits we want to show off - whether it's your bum, your boobs or your ankles - let's focus on what you love and dress accordingly (it's much more enjoyable to consider shopping as finding something that will show off your favourite bits than something that will hide your least favourite - try it!).


This is where we come in! We will help you find a dress that works for your body and makes you feel like your very best self.



  Rock the Frock bride, Amy. Image by Scarlet Ribbon.


There are all kinds of styling tricks to help with any body hang up you have - from the simplest (‘I want to hide my arms’), to the things that you assume will never change (‘I’m short and I don’t want to look dumpy’) - and we’ve got them all!

(In case you’re wondering - to hide your arms, we have plenty of dresses with sleeves and if you don’t want sleeves, we have illusion sleeves and jackets, galore! For you lovely shorties, we’ll find you some separates, or a dress with waist detail, to break up your silhouette and create the illusion of height!)


 Rock the Frock bride, Steph. Image by Fern Edwards.


We understand that everyone is hung up on something, and whether other people notice it or not is irrelevant - you notice it - so we’re not going to spend time talking you into a dress you look amazing in if it’s not going to make you feel good on your big day.


We are here to work with you, to make sure that you feel like the sassiest bride there is!

 Rock the Frock bride, Sophie. Image via Weddings of Hawaii.


What we love about all of our brides is their desire to express their individuality. More and more, people are keen to show the world that they're not like everyone else - it's time we let that be true for our bodies, too! No one else has your boobs, no one else has your arms, your face - these are all YOURS, part of you and part of the person someone wants to marry.


So lets celebrate ourselves - each and every bit!



RtF x


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