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Why choose indie?

Posted by Molly Smith on
Why choose indie?

Our #confidentbride campaign isn't just about you feeling a million bucks on your big day - it's about you knowing that you're in safe hands, from the moment you book your appointment online, to the day you step out of our boutique with your dress bag in your hands (with your dress inside, of course - we're not going to send you out in to the world with your beautiful wedding outfit on a hanger, blowing in the wind).

As you know, here at Rock the Frock we like to have fun, but that doesn't mean that we don't take what we do seriously. We care about our brides and we want them to have the best experience with us, from start to finish.

 While a big part of your experience is what happens in the boutique, there is a LOT that goes on behind the scenes, and without each and every cog of that big ole machine working perfectly there is a whole lot that could go wrong. One of the ways we make sure that that isn't going to go happen is by keeping things (relatively) small: We work with a lot of different designers, but independent designers - designers who are involved from start to finish; design to dispatch.

When we order your dress from a designer, we order YOUR dress. We send the designer your name, your measurements, your wedding date, and they make your dress FOR you.

 Kevin, designer and founder of Muscat Bridal, in his London studio.

If you ever wondered why it takes so long to get a wedding dress (we recommend ordering 8 months before your wedding), that's why.

 We are very careful about selecting which designers we stock. We want to know that they are using only the best designs, only the best fabrics, the best pattern cutters, the best seamstresses - you get where we're going with this - and all of that takes time. Any dress (or skirt, top, jumpsuit...) you order from us is made by hand; by an actual person, in whichever country the brand is based.

 Muscat Bridal? Made in London.  Lucy Can't Dance? Made in Essex.  Otaduy? Made in Barcelona.  Chantel Lauren? Made in Utah. We find the best designs and the highest quality dresses from allllll over the world and bring them right to your doorstep.

Ever wonder why our Mae dress is so darn gorgeous? It's because each one is hand painted by Chantel Lauren's co-founder, Tyler.

Over the coming weeks, we will be blogging about our lovely designers; sharing with you their processes, from inspiration to construction, and also trying to give you more over all insight in to the world of bridal fashion.

If there's anything you want to know, just holla and we'll be sure to cover it in a blog post soon!

Love, RTF x


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