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Where is my dress made?

Posted by Molly Smith on
Where is my dress made?

Here at Rock the Frock we work hard to make sure that we are bringing you exclusive & ethically made dresses. We are certainly design-led, but we won't let a pretty dress blind us to its, equally important, quality.

We have UK exclusivity with our designers and we are proud to say that we know where each of them design & create their pieces. But, us knowing isn't enough - we want you to know, too! So, here goes...

Leanne Marshall

Our newest exclusive designer, Leanne Marshall, has been a firm favourite in our Essex boutique and we are so, so excited that this New York based designer will be in all our boutiques from the end of this year!

These incredible gowns are produced in the United States, with design, pattern and manufacture all happening in New York.

 Leanne Marshall also have a Ready to Wear line and you can see the timeless elegance of Leanne Marshall's design aesthetic throughout her work, with her love of soft, flowing fabrics, at the brand's core.

Lucy Can't Dance

Lucy Can't Dance is a designer from Essex who will always have a special place in our heart! Lucy worked weekends in our Essex flagship until she was just too darn busy with her own label! All of Lucy's dresses are made by hand in her awesome studio - surrounded by tropical prints and the odd (plastic) dinosaur!

 Image by Jody Hannigan Photography


Kevin Muscat, designer and founder of Muscat Bridal, is passionate about quality. Not only does he source the most luxurious fabrics, he also works directly with mills in the UK and Europe to develop textiles just for Muscat, to ensure that the fabric works precisely as the design needs it to. 

Image courtesy of Muscat Bridal

All of Muscats pieces are hand made, from toile to couture finishing techniques, in their Hertfordshire atelier.


Last week's post was all about the vision of Otaduy and the passion behind the brand - please give it a read if you haven't already!

Image courtesy of Otaduy

Every stage of an Otaduy dress - design to finish - takes place in Barcelona, Spain, by creative and highly skilled women, who love what they do.

Rock the Frock Collection

Our own collection, designed by our founder, Karen Whybro, in Chelmsord, Essex and hand made by the wonderful Tilly Von Tiki in Southend-on-Sea.

Image by Gather the Light Photography

Karen's vision and Tilly's awe-inspiring knowledge of fabric are a match made in heaven! Two Collections later and the ideas keep coming - we've heard talk of a third, so watch this space!

 Love, RTF x

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