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Wedding Trends for 2020

Posted by Molly Smith on
Wedding Trends for 2020

We at Rock the Frock firmly believe that your wedding should be about YOU; that it should feel personal to you as a couple and reflect your own sense of style.

That being said, we know that our brides are cool af and being ahead of a trend is always a nice bonus. Plus, for us, as part of the wonderful world of weddings, we live for a new trend and a fresh spin on bridal.

So, each year, we look forward to the International Wedding Trend Report and sharing it with you. Here are our highlights from The Wedding Academy's 2020 Guide...

Bridal wear

Of course, the most exciting part of the Trend Report is always bridalwear! We miiiiiight be bias here, I guess.

This year, The Wedding Academy got in touch for our input and our lovely Emilia had this to say...

"Th202moderbride will choostweasimplististylwitaunapologeticalledgflair.  Witaemphasisopersonastylbeinketnexyearbridatrendsathfashioconscioubridwanttbdresseithknowledgshiidentifyinwitheowstyle." -- EmiliRidealghDesigner/BridaStylistRock the Frock.

A big trend for 2020 is unique lace; a great way to show your personal style...

Rock the Frock Bridal boutiques | Modern Bridalwear | Otaduy stockist

This unique lace top, Catelyn, is available at Rock the Frock Cheshire.

Rock the Frock Bridal boutiques | Modern Bridalwear | Otaduy stockist

Another unique lace option is our Ardenne overlay, available at Rock The Frock Essex.


Silhouette wise, gowns that sit at your natural waist line with full, volumes skirts are where it's at. A perfect example is our Marilyn gown, available at Rock the Frock Cheshire...

Rock the Frock bridal boutique | Modern Bridalwear | Wedding Trends for 2020

And, if it's volume you're after, our Norma J skirt will not disappoint! Available at Rock the Frock Essex...

 Rock the Frock bridal boutique | Modern Bridalwear | Wedding Trends for 2020


Moving away from tradition

It's no secret that more & more couples are moving away from tradition when it comes to their wedding.

It started with personalising vows, then came alternative venues, and, in recent years, what used to be a regimented order of the day has been done away with and couples have created a schedule that works for them & their guests.

Rock the Frock bridal Boutique | Modern Bridal | Wedding trends 2020 

RTF Bride, Hollie, had her friends play a huge part in her festival wedding - one friend was ordained for the occasion! Image by Jess Soper.


 According to wedding planner Danielle Rotterwiller, the next big mix-up is the bridal party. While many of our brides have been keen to avoid the cliche of forcing bridesmaids in to the same dress and the constraints of matching groomsmen headcount with bridesmaids for some time now, Danielle says we'll be going one step further in 2020:

"A hugtrenwwilseidifferentwisothweddinparty.  Insteaohavinbridesmaidangroomsmenmancouplearoptinthav"VIPsinstead.  ThesarpeoplthawilgereadwittheanbiplentophotosbuthewilnobforcetweawhateveiselectefothemnowilthehavtcarrbouquetodanythinelstraditionalPersonallylovthitrend." -- DaniellRottweiler, WeddinPlannerRottweiler EvenDesign.


Making the most of it

As destinations continue to become more popular, so do (what we're calling) Experience Weddings.

 Rock the Frock bridal boutique | Modern Bridal | Wedding trends for 2020

RTF Bride, Bobbie, and her Dad <3 Bobbie got married in Italy, where her friends & family spent a long weekend enjoying the sun and celebrating together. Image by Andrea Tappo.


It's not just a wedding day anymore; it's an excuse for a get away with your nearest & dearest - whether you're getting away for a week, to make the most of a trip to Italy for your nuptials, or utilising your venue for an entire weekend, with guests arriving the night before and staying the night of, too.

"Thguesexperienchabeemajotopifo202couples.  Warseeinsmalleguest list anmorgranexperience.  Destinatioweddingarapopulaaeveanpre-weddinexcursionogroup outings araevegrowinparothweddinweekend.  It'alaboumakineacguesfeeloveanspecial." -- ArdeUptonOwnerArdePhotography.

Don't think you have to spend a fortune on your guests to make them feel loved - inviting them for a BBQ the night before and a breakfast (aka a good old fashioned hung-over debrief) the morning after are the perfect way to bring your favourite people together for more than the Wedding Breakfast & disco of weddings past.



Gone are the days of feeling quietly smug when you make ethically sound & sustainable choices. Nowadays, making considered choices is a must. And it's not just remembering your reusable shopping bags, it's everywhere - including your wedding!

There are plenty of ways to make your wedding greener - using recycled materials for your stationery, choosing British grown, seasonal flowers in your bouquet and choosing fresh, additive-free catering options are just some of the ways you can keep your wedding green.

Rock the frock Bridal Boutique | Modern Bridal | Wedding trends for 2020

Rock the Frock Bride, Gabby. Image by Sarah Morris.

For our part, we plant a tree for every Rock the Frock dress purchased, in a bid to offset our carbon foot print!

 And, of course, your first step towards an on-trend, unique & beautiful wedding is a Rock the Frock dress - duh! So, book your appointment now. We can't wait to meet you!

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