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Looking for something a little different?

Posted by Molly Smith on
Looking for something a little different?

Oh my gaaaaddddddd our Sweet Caroline Styles Trunk show pieces have been confirmed! And they are incredible!

Sweet Caroline, as a designer, is a permanent fixture at Rock the Frock Essex. But there's nothing more exciting than hosting a SCS Trunk (ie. being generously loaned loads more dresses!), because of the RAINBOW of COLOUR it brings to our rails! Not to mention the thrill of seeing new pieces in the boutique!

Caroline herself has chosen which pieces she wants to show in the UK and they'll be visiting RTF Cheshire, then RTF Essex - and no where else! This is exclusive to us - and therefore you! Our beautiful Rock the Frock brides!

Rock the Frock Bridal boutique | Modern bridal wear | Sweet Caroline Styles | Gold wedding dress

A few months back, we got wind that SCS was creating a new collection, and we immediately emailed Caroline (at what was probably the middle of the night for her in Philadelphia - eager) to ask if we could see the pieces.

She replied...

"We actually won't be putting out a full collection of new pieces. In fact, we've decided that the concept of putting out a full new collection every 6 months doesn't really suit our business anymore!

We've decided that for a couple of reasons: first, because we offer mix and match separates, we want to be adding new bodysuits and skirts as often as we can to keep things fresh!

Second, we love that, with modern technology, we're able to dream up a new piece, create it, photograph it and have it reach thousands of brides via social media in a matter of weeks rather than waiting for fashion week or a big event.

Additionally, we absolutely love how diverse our pieces can be, and hate the idea that each new collection needs to be 10-12 pieces focused around a specific theme, etc, etc! We want to be able to dress the boho girl, the goth girl, girl who loves pink, everyone!

So when the mood strikes and the perfect fabric surfaces, we will create something beautiful! I can't tell you how freeing this is."

Well, you can imagine, we were also thrilled! To know that there is no limited to new pieces we'll be seeing from Sweet Caroline Styles is to know joy!!

Rock the Frock Bridal boutique | Modern bridal wear | Sweet Caroline Styles | Blue wedding dress

Here is a full run down of the pieces that will be visiting a Rock the Frock near you, this month!

Emmy gown

Rock the Frock Bridal boutique | Modern bridal wear | Sweet Caroline Styles | sequin wedding dress

We are VERY excited about this one!

We've been fans of this sexy sequin gown since she's been gracing SCS's social media, and we're extra excited to be seeing her in Frost - this gorgeous ivory sequin finish! Here she is in Silver (please note - we will only have the Frost sample!), so you can get a better look at the silhouette...

Rock the Frock Bridal boutique | Modern bridal wear | Sweet Caroline Styles | sequin wedding dress

Genevieve bodysuit & Eleanor skirt / Florence skirt

Rock the Frock Bridal boutique | Modern bridal wear | Sweet Caroline Styles | black wedding dress

Willow crop / Genevieve bodysuit & Iris skirt

Rock the Frock Bridal boutique | Modern bridal wear | Sweet Caroline Styles | black wedding dress

Because one black look just wasn't enough!

All SCS pieces can be mixed & matched, to create your perfect look! The Willow lace crop is also available in white.


Stevie bodysuit

This beautiful open-backed bodysuit will be available cream & black. Stevie is worn here with the Florence skirt in French Vanilla. We'll also have Florence in Onyx (above with Genevieve) & Marigold (worn here with Willow)...


 Theodora crop

We're extra excited about this one, too! Theodora is a new crop top and we LOVE this gothic lace!!


Bridget bodysuit & Norma J skirt

Another new lace piece, Bridget will be with us in white (as pictured) & black. The show-stopping Norma J skirt is pictured here in Slate and will also be available in Antique gold. Pictured here, again with Bridget...

Stevie bodysuit & Cordelia skirt

The Cordelia skirt is dyed by hand, and pictured here in Smoke Show! She'll also be with us in Caviar (black) & Flamingo (a rich, bright pink!)

Helene bodysuit

The Helen bodysuit is a more traditional, delicate patterned lace & perfect for those wanting to show off their backs (if that's not you, skip on down to Savannah)! Worn here with a skirt similar to, but not quite the Tennyson...

Tennyson skirt (with Willow crop)

We'll have the hand-dyed Tennyson skirt in Storm, as pictured here, and in Lavender, a soft purple. Keep an eye on our socials for snaps of Lavender when she arrives!

Savannah bodysuit (with Norma J)

If you like the look of Helene's lace, but don't fancy showing all that skin, Savannah is the one for you! Pictured here in Antique gold, she'll actually be with us in White & Black.

Juliet bodysuit & Iris skirt

Oh you thought we were done with the black wedding dresses?! Nope - three is the magic number after all!

The beautiful Juliet bodysuit is velvet, with a classic tank silhouette (the scoop neckline is mirrored on the back), and teams soooo beautifully with the equally rich textured tulle on Iris we almost cannot stand it! Love this look!


Lena gown

Last but absolutely not least is the second and final one piece! Lena can be styled simply, to float you down the isle, or, if you'd rather cinch in your waist, you can add a sash....

Either way she offers the holy grail in wedding dresses: POCKETS!

All of the designs are available to order in a variety of colours, and every skirt has the option to add a train if you'd like to - there's also the option to add pockets to every skirt but, we'll be honest, we're assuming everyone's answer to that is YES PLEASE.


Rock the Frock Cheshire are hosting Sweet Caroline Styles from 17th - 26th July

& Rock the Frock Essex take over on the 31st of July, until the 9th of August.

Spaces are limited, so book your appointment now! 

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