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Style Your Shape

Posted by Karen Whybro on
Style Your Shape

As part of our Confident Bride campaign, we want to equip you with all the information you need to buy the dress of your dreams. We want to eradicate the notion of blindly following someone standing there telling you look gorgeous: we want you to stand there and see it for yourself, totally understanding and feeling why you're rocking that dress out of this world. So this week we're teaching you how to Style Your Shape! If you've no idea what you 'should' be wearing to best suit your figure - we've got you covered...

 Pear Shaped

If your bottom half sits wider than your top half, you're a pear, baby, and a beautiful one at that. Dressing for a pear shape is all about finding the right balance, to keep all your gorgeous proportions.

 A wider strap will broaden your shoulders, giving the illusion of a more balanced shape, whilst a cinched waist and a-line skirt will draw the eye to your tiniest point. You might instinctively want to shy away from straighter shaped dresses, but the right detail does a perfect job of drawing the eye towards areas you're most confident in.

Try the...

Wendy, by Saja. It gives focus on widening your shoulders with a soft skimming over the hips thanks to the gorgeous flowy fabric. It sits at the natural waistline, accentuated with gorgeous belt detail to really show off your teeny tiny figure!

Straight up 'n' down

If you're gorgeous and willowy, this one's for you. Work that supermodel figure of yours by making the most of wide belts and A-line skirts, which will draw focus to your middle. Separates also work really well as they show off your figure by defining the small middle point between the top and the bottom. 

Topwise, boat necklines are great, as is gather detail on a waistline, as it creates the illusion of wider lines at the shoulders and hips.

Try the...

Heloise by Leanne Marshall.  With a wide neckline, cinched waist and a gather chiffon on the skirt, it ticks all the boxes!

Apple Shaped

Apple shapes rock an inverted triangle shape, with your wider points all on your top half. Similarly to a pear shape, it's all about balance to keep those gorgeous proportions, but the reverse! 

To do this, opt for a fuller skirt, paired with a v-neck or plunging neckline to draw the eye downwards.

Try the...

Maria body or crop top, with a gorgeous skirt from Hazaar London - proof that a fuller style doesn't have to be frumpy - effortless and timeless! 

The Hourglass

The hourglass is possibly the most famous figure shape but that doesn't guarantee you'll feel any more confident dress shopping!

Highlight your waist as your tiniest point with a cinched in waist. If you have a bigger bust, you may want to opt for a v or a scoop neck (although you don't have to, if you don't feel comfortable with this!). Hip skimming skirts will show off your beautiful figure without making you look like a Barbie in a cake.

Try the...

Valentine by Muscat Bridal. Aptly named, it's made from a beautiful crepe silk, accentuating your shape and making you feel as good as you look!

If you want to see how we can style your shape, book your appointment in our judgement-free boutique. We've got your perfect dress here - and the customer service to match!

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