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RTF Recommends - Eliza Claire

Posted by Molly Smith on
RTF Recommends - Eliza Claire

At Rock the Frock we are lucky enough to work with LOTS of AWESOME wedding suppliers. Knowing how daunting it can be to navigate the world of wedding planning, we decided to create our RTF Brides' Guide; a collection of non-traditional wedding suppliers who we wholeheartedly recommend to our brides! From stylists to stationers, the Brides' Guide's got you covered!

Sussex Wedding Photographer | Vintage Wedding Photography

This week, we'd like to shine the spotlight on Eliza Claire. A photographer whose work is ALWAYS beautiful, eye-catching & full of emotion. Just the way we like our photographs!

Sussex Wedding Photographer | Vintage Wedding Photography

We spoke to Eliza about her work & her life, and here's what she had to share...


"I've been one of the UK's leading vintage wedding photographers since 2008, and it's a style that I love and adore - it's whimsical, soft and romantic, and reminiscent of film photography in a way that ensures that it won't date or look anything except timeless.  

"My style is honest - I want my clients to recognise themselves in their photos, and I know that I recognise a lot of myself in my art as well. I put my heart and soul into every single wedding, and, as they always say on Masterchef, you can feel it when something is made with love."

Sussex Wedding Photographer | Vintage Wedding Photography | Rock the Frock bride

"Every wedding I photograph reminds me that we all want to find that one person who completes us, who makes us feel safe, makes us feel that we could be anywhere, and it'll always be home as long as that one other person is with us."

We think it's safe to say Eliza is a Romantic at heart...

"I believe that your wedding is just the start of the dance, that the marriage is the most exciting bit. I believe that you get out of this life what you put in. I believe in love, and in joy, and in hope. I believe in the power of positive thinking, and in the power of memories and feelings. I couldn't do this job without these beliefs.

Sussex Wedding Photographer | Vintage Wedding Photography

"I'm married to my best friend, and we've just celebrated our 10th anniversary. We have three gorgeous kids who bring laughter to our lives every day. I'm from a big Irish-Italian family and I love being surrounded by family and friends.

"I love making memories with friends and family, and I feel blessed every single day that I get to make memories for others with my camera.

"So, Rock the Frock brides, if my photos speak to your heart, then get in touch..."

Sussex Wedding Photographer | Vintage Wedding Photography

If you love Eliza's photography as much as we do and think she'd make the perfect wedding photographer for your day, then get in touch with her! You can visit Eliza's website here, where you'll find more of her wonderful work and all you need to know about her services.

Don't forget to check out the rest of out Brides' Guide, too! And to join our RTF Brides' Collective on Facebook, where you'll find lots of lovely brides discussing their planning experiences and tips & advice flying around like nobody's business!



All images courtesy of Eliza Claire Photography Ltd.

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