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Rock the Frock Pre-Loved

Posted by Molly Smith on
Rock the Frock Pre-Loved

Our first ever Pre-Loved boutique opened one whole month ago, so we think it's about time to introduce you all to the amazing women running it - Alice & Charlie

Rock the Frock Pre-Loved bridal boutique | Alternative bridalwear

These ladies are doing an incredible job helping brides find their perfect dress - whether they are choosing Pre-Loved because their wedding is just around the corner, because they are looking to spend under £1000, or because they like the ethics of a Pre-Loved dress for their wedding day!

Whatever your reason for visiting RTF Pre-Loved, we know that you will LOVE your experience there! And we wanted to give you the opportunity to learn more about Alice & Charlie and about what to expect from an appointment at RTF Pre-Loved. So, here it is!


 Rock the Frock Pre-Loved bridal boutique | Alternative bridalwear

"After meeting 5 years ago in our previous jobs (we both worked in fashion, in Buying & Merchandising), we bonded over our desire to one day own businesses of our own. We quickly decided that the only thing better than starting up on our own would be to do it together!

We'd both dreamed of opening a bridal boutique, and when we saw that Rock the Frock wanted to open up Pre-Loved stores we just thought that was PERFECT. We loved the idea of giving a dress a new opportunity to be loved.


 Rock the Frock Pre-Loved bridal boutique | Alternative bridalwear

Our 1st month in the boutique has been so exciting! We met with lots of brides - way more than we expected to be honest! We felt so lucky to have so many brides waiting for us to finally open & excited to come and see the incredible stock we'd curated! We loved hearing about all of our brides' wedding plans - especially the unique venues & themes they had planned, from woodland, to a sequin party, to a wedding on a boat! 

We had one wonderful bride find her ENTIRE outfit with us; she found her dress, chose a gorgeous cape and a beautiful flower crown - all Pre-Loved and all for under £1000! Total! She's now ready for her wedding later this month, and we cannot WAIT to see photos of her big day!


As well as being busy meeting these awesome women, we are also busy re-stocking our rails with lots of new exciting pieces, both from boutiques and from brides! We're constantly looking for new pieces, because every time we find a bride her perfect dress, we need a new one on the rails! RTF Pre-Loved is very fast moving, and we love that!"

 Rock the Frock Pre-Loved bridal boutique | Alternative bridalwear


Here's some things to know before coming to the boutique...


FOMO is real when it comes to Pre-Loved - we only have one of each of our beautiful dresses in the boutique, so if you see something you love, you will want to snap it up before someone else does! 

It’s great to have been bridal shopping before - this will mean you have an idea of what you like/don’t like. Because the pieces on our rails are the pieces we sell, we're not really the place to "start", as it's important that you're confident enough in your love for your chosen dress to commit on the day of your appointment. If you want to visit multiple boutiques before committing to your dress, we suggest saving the best (ie. US) for last ;) You will ALWAYS be welcome back for another visit, but we cannot guarantee your fave dress will still be there when you return!

If you're bringing guests, be sure to bring someone who really knows your style! You need to hear the opinion of someone who understands the look & feel of your day, as hearing a mix of opinions can be unnecessarily confusing. And remember, if you're a person who doesn't love hearing opinions, you don't need to - you can always come alone! We'll be here to ensure that you have a great time either way.

Dresses can be altered - while you can't always make a dress bigger, you can always make it smaller. Dresses can be taken down up to two dress size (and sometimes up, but this is dependant on the construction), so we can try sizes either side of your own to help give a wider choice in the boutique.

We are transparent on pricing - our dresses are all 40-50% off the original recommended retail price, so you can be a #RocktheFrockBride for less! Our dresses are all under £1000, and we're more than happy to guide you when you choose which dresses to try based on the amount you're hoping to spend.

We have everything you need! We hold a mixture of both Pre-Loved and new to order accessories, so you can complete your look in one hit.

Rock the Frock Pre-Loved bridal boutique | Alternative bridalwear


Rock the Frock Pre-Loved is open 10am-5pm Wednesday-Saturday and 10am-4pm on Sundays.

We are open for walk-ins, so you don't have to book - but we do recommend booking if you're visiting us on a weekend! You can also book for mid-weeks apps too, if you wish :)

Book your appointment here!

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