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RTF Recommends - The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography

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RTF Recommends - The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography

At Rock the Frock we are lucky enough to work with hundreds of amazing wedding suppliers. We know how daunting it can be navigating the world of wedding planning (what the spig is a corkage fee?!), so we wanted to lend a hand. This is the first of a series of blog posts introducing you to our favourite suppliers. From stationary to make up, we've got you covered! 



The wonderful Maryann is the creative force behind The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography. She takes seriously beautiful photographs and shares our love of unique weddings. 

I love to shoot alternative couples; brides covered in tattoos wearing intricate lace dresses and grooms with beards and dapper, tweed suits. Fresh, fragrant bouquets filled with unusual blooms and uniquely styled weddings which show off the couples vibe. Give me whimsy. Give me bold. Give me emotion.

We knew you'd like her. 



Maryann is a lover of the great outdoors and says if you're planning a wedding in the mountains, she's your girl! We're not at all surprised she said that, the way she works with natural light is absolutely beautiful. 


The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography isn't the work of a woman who just fancied having a go with a camera. Maryann has honed her craft with many years of study. You can be absolutely sure your wedding day memories are in safe (extremely talented) hands here! 

The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography offers a service for all budgets, starting from a 4 hour half day package and ranging to a European destination wedding extravaganza!

 Maryann says this is her ultimate wedding shoot hit-list:

  1. Wedding nestled in the mountains.
  2. Beachside nuptials... somewhere warm, somewhere cold...
  3. An industrial themed wedding in a cool, urban venue.
  4. Something super non-traditional... I'm thinking a black dress.
  5. Overseas... I'm always up for a spot of travel.
If you can tick any of those boxes, you sound like a RTF kind of girl. If you can tick all of those boxes at once, you're our wedding hero! 


 All images in this post are by The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography  

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