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Rock the Frock Essex

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Rock the Frock Essex

This week's #LoveBLOOMS post is all about our flagship Essex boutique and the wonderful women behind it. 

It all started in 2014 in Battlesbridge - a small town in Essex with a gorgeous antique centre, where Rock the Frock was born! Our founder Karen Whybro (more on her later!) had married two years before and had really struggled to find a wedding dress that she actually wanted to wear, let alone get married in. She figured she couldn't be alone in this and decided to open a bridal boutique to help women like her find a wedding dress they loved.

It started with vintage dresses, Karen sourced AMAZING original wedding gowns, dating from from 20s to 80s, and then found some awesome designers who made dresses that were alternative, cool and - mostly importantly to Karen - ethically produced.


Two years later and the boutique moved from Battlesbridge to Chelmsford, right by the train station, making us a whole lot more more accessible to you bridal babes! Yay! Karen and Claire, who joined as manager shortly before the move, packed up their dresses and moved in to The Viaducts in Chelmsford.

Claire had been working in retail before she made the change (luckily for us, and for the wedding industry!) to bridal. She is the absolute backbone of our flagship boutique and will most probably be the first RTF face you see when you walk through the door.

'I do love a wedding! And it's so nice to hear so many different ideas and plans from our brides. Our brides get married in so many unique places it's so exciting to hear all the stories.'

'My favourite part about working at Rock the Frock is when brides collect their dress after their final fitting. They leave all giddy and over the moon excited for their big day!'

Two years later still, and with three more staff members, Rock the Frock Essex moved again to our beaut of a boutique. We're just around the corner from The Viaducts, but now we have much more space - and better heating! Hurray!  

Molly is the RTF Brand Manager and often works at our Essex boutique. 

'I think brides put SO much of themselves in to their wedding (especially our brides), so when you get to hear about someone's wedding plans you really get to know them.'

'My favourite part of an appointment is the bit behind the curtain, when it's just me and the bride and she's in a dress she loves! It's so nice to have that moment before everyone's opinion when it's just the bride realising she looks amazing.'

Our stylist Chloe works at Rock the Frock at the weekend. Chloe and Karen are good friends and she has also modelled lots of our dresses... some might say she's the unofficial face of RTF!

'Considering I work full time in an office I don't ever see Rock the Frock as another day at work! I feel like it's a lovely treat to work there, I'm very lucky to be involved.'

'I love it when a bride talks about the parts of dresses she likes and then I find her a dress that has all those best bits! When she tries it on and loves it I get a little fuzzy feeling inside! I feel so proud of our little boutique and all the beautiful dresses.'

Laura is also a weekend Stylist, she joined in the summer and is already head over heels in love with bridal. 

'I have never had a job I liked much, let alone loved, but I really do LOVE working for Rock the Frock. I think what the brand stands for is so important - we absolutely champion inclusivity and diversity in our brides, and the industry as a whole.'

'My favourite moments are with brides who don't feel like they can look how a bride 'should' look. When you show a shy, self conscious woman how freakin' beautiful she is, it is an amazing feeling.'

We hope this post has helped you get to know the LAAVELY (that's the accent, right?) bunch behind Rock the Frock Essex. If you're thinking of booking an appointment, give them a call! We promise that a five minute chat will show you just how great they are. 

Love, RTF x

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