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Make up trends - and why NOT to follow them!

Posted by Molly Smith on
Make up trends - and why NOT to follow them!

We've been chatting to the AMAZING Laura Barrow recently (she will be at Rock the Frock Essex's Styling Evening on Thursday 23rd of May - get ya tickets now!) and she has some things to say about the pressure our brides feel to be "on trend"...


 Rock the Frock Bridal Boutique | Bridal Make Up Trends

All images courtesy of Laura Barrow Make Up Artist

"Now call me cynical but every season the same make up trends seem to come and go...

In Winter, magazines are brimming with sultry, metallic smoky eyes and deep burgundy or red lips.

Conversely, Summer makeup ‘trends’ are usually centred around gorgeous J Lo bronzed skin or more recently, a light smattering of fake freckles.

Does this sound familiar?

The thing with trends is that they are cyclical, the same old ones are recycled season after season, making them ohhhh so predictable. And, in my opinion, a little irrelevant. And, well, naff.

 Rock the Frock Bridal Boutique | Bridal Make Up Trends

Personally, I don’t think that it does you any favours to be too literal and trend-led when it comes to your face. By all means be inspired by seasonal colour palettes, but I would suggest even more so in terms of floral designs, tablescapes and decor.

Please don’t feel the pressure to wear a deep crimson lipstick for your Winter wedding if you are a mascara and lipgloss kinda girl. It won’t look or feel right and will most likely just make you feel self conscious.

On the flip side, if you are a dark lip lover and it is your signature style then absolutely go for it!


The point that I am trying to make is that your make up should reflect your personality and make you feel your most beautiful self.

Screw trends and other people’s opinions (sorry lovely mother of the brides or mother in laws) about what a bride should look like. Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful, whether that’s a red lipstick or minimal, natural makeup.

 Rock the Frock Bridal Boutique | Bridal Make Up Trends

Now, my professional MUA simply MUST point something out...

Wearing a killer lipstick or flicked liner takes a lot of precision & skill at the best of times. So if you're going for a strong look on your big day, I sincerely recommend having a MakeUp Artist.

Next tip: If you are planning to have a MakeUp Artist, make sure that you do your research. Some of the image based social medias such as Instagram and Pinterest can be a particularly good resource.

Make sure that you find a professional who understands your needs and vision and most importantly that you leave your make up trial feeling confident and beautiful.

Rock the Frock Bridal Boutique | Bridal Make Up Trends

So to conclude, don’t worry about make up trends.

Just wear whatever makes you feel your absolute best, because all that matters is that you are in love with your bridal make up."


If you want to learn more about Laura Barrow & her INCREDIBLE make up skills, hop over to her website. You will NOT be disappointed!

You can also meet Laura for a mini make up trail at Rock the Frock Essex on Thursday 23rd of May! Book your trail here.

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