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Love ROCKED - the #LoveROCKS round up

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Love ROCKED - the #LoveROCKS round up

In July we launched our #LoveROCKS campaign; Rock the Frock's mission to make the wedding industry more diverse. It was for every bride, every fiancée, every woman who feels like she can't see herself represented in the wedding industry. We wanted to share photos and stories of real brides who truly represent the world we love in. 


Being a differently abled bride told Joy's story. 

Emma Case Photography

Joy struggled to find a boutique that would accommodate her trying on dresses. We hate that Joy had such a tough time with other boutiques, but we love that it led her to us! Our boutique is completely accessible and Joy's husband (yay!) Jim came with her to help her in and out of her chair. We had a lovely appointment with them both and were thrilled when Joy found her perfect dress! Our amazing seamstress Tilly altered Joy's dress so it fit her just right and we're sure you'll agree she looked absolutely beautiful.


Emma Case Photography


Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes - and so do brides!  was about body image and how it can affect your wedding dress shopping. You know it isn't the law that every bride-to-be must be on a diet, right? Almost all the beautiful brides we see feel like they need to lose weight for their wedding day and it makes us sad. YOU ARE ALL GORGEOUS EXACTLY AS YOU ARE, OKAY?

In this post we discussed how we can reframe our minds to find a dress that shows off our good bits, not hide our 'flaws'. 


Rock the Frock bride, Amy. Image by Scarlet Ribbon.

What we love about all of our brides is their desire to express their individuality. More and more, people are keen to show the world that they're not like everyone else - it's time we let that be true for our bodies, too! No one else has your boobs, no one else has your arms, your face - these are all YOURS, part of you and part of the person someone wants to marry. So lets celebrate ourselves - each and every bit!

 Rock the Frock bride, Sophie. Image via Weddings of Hawaii.


Our people of colour get married too! post discussed the huge lack of representation of women of colour in the wedding industry. When was the last time you saw a woman of colour in a styled wedding shoot? Or as a real bride on a designer's Instagram? And when was the last time you saw a blonde white woman in her place? Yeah, we thought so. 

Image by Dawn Derbyshire Photography. 

In this blog we interviewed Nova Reid, the founder of Nu Bride, an inclusive wedding blog that offers advice and guidance on all aspects of planning a wedding - written from the point of view of a (totally awesome) black woman.

Nova talks about the lack of inclusion in the wedding industry and her frustration at being 'totally ignored' while planning her own wedding. 

She tells us about the work she has done with businesses who want to lead progressive equality-minded brands and her many appearances in the media. Nova is an absolute powerhouse and we're so glad she took the time to talk to us. 

Image by Sanshine Photography


#youdontneedtoaskhere is a hashtag we found a little while ago that planted the seed for our #LoveROCKS campaign. Started by LGBTQ Equality Weddings, this hashtag was used by a community of wedding suppliers to tell LGBTQ couples that they didn't need to ask if they 'minded' working with them. This blog post told, in no uncertain terms, that you NEVER need to ask us. We will be proud to work with you to find your dream dress, whether you're marrying your bride or your groom. 

Image by Catherine Angharad

We told the story of some of our gorgeous Rock the Frock brides, including Adele (above) and Georgina. Georgina and her partner haven't got married yet so we can't show you any photos (we know, boo) but how amazing do Adele and Alex look? They were each other's something blue! 


To celebrate this campaign, and ALL of you and your loves, we have created our very first RTF merch, our Love Rocks tee! Say it loud, say it proud, say it right across your chest: Love ROCKS!


We hope you have enjoyed reading our #LoveROCKS campaign as much as we have enjoyed writing it. If you identified with any of our posts we really hope they have helped you feel like more included in a wedding industry that needs to change.


Know that we see you, we love you and your #LoveROCKS!


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