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Posted by Molly Smith on

We love being part of the wedding industry - helping brides find a dress that will make them feel like an absolute QUEEN on their wedding day brings us genuine joy.

However, we are aware that many feel excluded by the wedding industry as a whole. And we are not OK with that.

We recently came across the #youdonthavetoaskhere campaign (brought to you by the wonderful LGBTQ Equality Weddings) and we love it, but to be honest it also bummed us out a bit. Not the campaign itself, obv, that is entirely awesome, just the fact that the campaign is needed. 

The idea that anyone feels like they should mention upfront that they're gay is troubling. And it got us thinking about all the things brides have felt the need to "just let you know" before they've come to see us in the past.

 Real brides Chapi & Cris, wearing Otaduy. Photography Carla Aymat. Real brides Chapi & Cris, wearing Otaduy. Photography Carla Aymat.

We used to think that all we needed to worry about was making sure everyone knew that we're friendly and inclusive, that you don't have to be a certain type of person to be a Rock the Frock bride ("I'm worried I'm not cool enough for your dresses" is what started this for us - no guys! No! We are not to here to intimidate, we are here to RAISE you the hell UP).

Photography Wild Connections Photography Wild Connections

But, it's bigger than that. This isn't specific to Rock the Frock, it's about the wedding industry as a whole and how it represents women, and men, and we think it could do with a shake up. We don't only want to see one type of woman getting married to one type of man; we want to see LOVE, in all it's forms.

Enter our new campaign: #LOVEROCKS

We are on a mission to represent every bride, every fiancée, every woman who feels like she can't see herself represented in the wedding industry right now.

Photography True Romance Photography True Romance

If you feel like you're not currently represented by the wedding industry then we hope to change that with our #LOVEROCKS campaign. 

We'll be sharing stories and images of real brides who truly represent the world we love in. We'll be talking gender, race, size, disability - and anything else you would like us to! If you feel under represented then let us know in the comments and we will do our utmost to change that!

In the mean time, if you would like to come and see us, you can book your appointment at our Essex flagship here & our Berkshire boutique here.

Whoever you are, we'd love for you to be a Rock the Frock bride - because we think your #loverocks. 



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