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As much as we adore the concept of love at first sight, we know it's pretty unlikely to happen in real life. You meet, you flirt (over meticulously constructed messages and emoji combos), you date, you drink, you dance, you watch bad TV in your pyjamas, and then you fall in love. Slow down the whirlwind of Hollywood movie love little. Let the flower blossom...

Finding your wedding dress is an emotional experience and we absolutely understand why. You want your dress to represent you, your wedding and your love. It's a big decision and you need to know you're in the right place.

It goes without saying that our dresses are AMAZING and our boutiques are BEAUTIFUL but what about us, the owners, the managers and the stylists? We share this wonderful, personal experience with you, but can we expect you to love us as soon as you walk through the door? Do we need drinks, dancing and sofa days too? (We're totally down for this btw...)

Our new campaign is called Love Blooms. Over the next few weeks we'll introduce  ourselves - tell you who we are, why we're here and why we LOVE what we do.

We'll show you what to expect from the Rock the Frock experience to help calm any wedding dress shopping nerves. We know it can be daunting, but it is our job to help you feel like the goddess you are! All we want is for our brides to feel comfortable, confident and happy. There's no room for worry in our boutiques, only JOY!

We're so excited about this campaign... let the love bloom!


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