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Join our Confident Bride campaign

Posted by Molly Smith on
Join our Confident Bride campaign

Films are the worst thing that ever happened to wedding dress shopping. There, I’ve said it. Quaffing bubbly with 6-8 bridesmaids all languishing on velveteen sofas whilst the bride slips into ruffled ivory numbers so effortlessly they could be her dressing gown, striding out confidently in heels like she was born on a runway, to rounds of applause and the mother crying? For most people, that’s not how it happens. (It’s not even guaranteed that your mum will cry. She may smile, and get that feeling where you both just know it’s the one, but she may not cry. That’s life.)

In fact, wedding dress shopping can feel horrifically daunting for a lot of brides, with more elements to worry about than to enjoy. Industry pressure to ‘get in shape’ the moment you become engaged, being the centre of attention, knowing which dresses will and won’t suit your body shape, sample sizes not fitting, staring at yourself in a mirror for longer than you’ve ever done collectively, and trawling through mountains of dresses are all the things that brides SHOULDN’T be focussing on when planning to marry their soulmate – and yet, women absolutely do. 

Here at Rock The Frock we’re on a mission to make this little bit of wedding planning easier and – dare we say it? We dare – enjoyable, by launching our CONFIDENT BRIDE campaign. Throwing out their worries about the above, we’re on a plight to make brides feel more confident about themselves and their body, preparing them to feel utterly invincible on their wedding day.

Join our Confident Bride campaign | Rock the Frock BridalImage by Jess Soper Photography

And we’re not planning to do this by standing next to you in the mirror and cooing that you look amazing in every dress you try (although you absolutely will do). As a bridal assistant who you’ve trusted with an intimate and important decision, our job is to encourage and assist you in buying the dress that you not only look amazing in, but feel comfortable and yourself in too.

Our campaign kicks off with our #styleyourshape series, which will be full of practical and helpful resources, from one honest friend to another, to help us overcome our body hang ups. We’ll feature real brides and their honest experiences of finding ‘the one’, weekly blog posts with useful tips and insights, interviews with designers on how they can make a dress perfect, and a shoot of real women celebrating their body shapes, from pear to melon and every other yawn-inducing fruit comparison in between.

Our aim is to arm women with the design and fashion knowledge to make the best choices for them, and to cultivate a better understanding of how they feel about their bodies, to massively ROCK their frock.

Are you with us?

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