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How To Buy A Dress With Body Hangups - Real Confident Bride Annie

Posted by Karen Whybro on
How To Buy A Dress With Body Hangups - Real Confident Bride Annie

This week we've got such a treat for you. One of the key things in our #Confidentbride campaign is keeping it real - real talk, real lives, real brides. How else could we get down to the nitty gritty? We can't preach about how to enjoy the wedding dress experience and beat those dress-buying nerves if we don't have real life examples of how we can and have helped. 

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Which is where today's blog post comes in. Today's blog post is a refreshing and personal account of the dress shopping experience from one of our very own #Confidentbrides. The über gorgeous (and funny, too) Annie got married last September in the Carbonne dress from our beloved Francis Bridal, and here talks about her experience of dress-shopping with us:

"I am a control freak to a fault, and during the wedding process I had already envisioned a particular style in mind. The bohemian, Pre-Raphaelite, autumnal Pinterest vibes were something I was dying to try and find in a dress. It had to be perfect. As it happens, Rock The Frock was the only dress shop I went to. I had seen on their Instagram a dress by Francis Bridal, and they pretty much stocked the type of dresses I would want to try on for my fittings (thankfully, no bouffant glitzy meringues!).


I was DELIGHTED to say that the staff were super welcoming and friendly, and instantly got my type of style right away. But that's where for me it got hard. Having severe body dysmorphia, I naturally try and avoid looking at my body as much as possible, and there I was, standing in a shop having to face a major moment, where I, and everyone else would solely be focusing on my body, and what would be on my body. I have always been a curvy girl (size 12 at 5'7) and with wavy hair wilder than Merida from the Disney film Brave I tend to stand out, and that's what I was so worried about. (I also have the voice of a fog horn but hey, we cant have it all!) What if the dresses didn't fit me? What happens if they are going to show off my stomach, my back rolls? What happens if I just COULDN'T find a dress that flattered my figure?

When I walked in I picked out a few dresses - some I wouldn't have ever have normally gone for (that's half the fun), alongside some that I thought were just perfect for the day. I went into the changing rooms and I honestly didn't worry about it at all. You are so lost in the moment of looking at yourself as a bride in that first dress that you try on, that you forget about body hang ups and anything else. 

The dress I chose was the one that Rock The Rock had advertised a few days before, and I was one of the first ones to buy it. It was NOT what I had imagined wearing for my wedding, and yet it was completely perfect. 

My advice to future brides would be this: When you go for your fitting try on as MANY dresses as you can. Even try on that bright blue one in the corner. I dare you. This is the part where you get to focus on YOU. Not the bloody napkins or the flowers or whether or not Uncle Dominic should be seated next to your slightly alcoholic Gran. This is one of the times where you get to be completely selfish. Enjoy the process as it goes worryingly fast. 

And one final thing. It sounds so obvious...but your future Husband/Wife is marrying YOU. Everything that comes with you. They love your stomach, your moles, your 'imperfections '. They are committing themselves to all of you for the rest of your lives together. When you walk down that aisle (or however you plan on doing it), the reaction on your partner's face will be SO worth it guys. You'll even forget to breathe, so that's the most important thing: take a breath, invest in a really good waterproof mascara and get ready for a mad, but wonderful time of your life." 

Three cheers for Annie for being so gritty and real, and for being such a STUNNER of a bride! If you want to become a part of our #Confidentbride campaign, we'd love to have you! If you're engaged and wanting to find your dress with us in a stress-free, honest and caring environment, book your appointment with us now. And if you'd love to chat to our awesome collective of engaged brides who love chatting weddings & helping each other with the stresses and strains of wedding planning, join our Facebook group HERE!


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