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Dressing for your body, not changing it

Posted by Karen Whybro on
Dressing for your body, not changing it

REAL TALK: let's get rid of that notion that as soon as you become a Bride with a capital B, you've gotta change. Whether your immediate reaction was a gym membership, a weight training regime, a diet plan, or you crowed about how you 'just want to tone' - STOP. Take a breather. Aaaaand release.

 (If you are doing any of these bits as part of your lifestyle anyway, then don't let go of them if you don't want to). But that's exactly what it's all about - don't change. Nothing about you needs to change just because you have a ring on your finger now - this goes for your interests, your hobbies, and, crucially, your wedding dress shopping.

As part of our #confidentbride campaign, we're helping put as much info out as we can to help brides break down any body hangups they have or any worries they may feel going into dress shopping. We started with our 'style your shape' post and downloadable guide, which was a masterclass in body shapes and their accompanying dress shapes, and as a continuation of that, here's our top tips on how to dress for your body, not change it, from our very own Molly:

"Consider the clothes you feel confident in, and try to figure out WHY they make you feel that way - is it a neck line you love? Are you particularly confident when you know your bum looks amazing or your boobs look bigger or smaller than they are?  

Then - think of this part of you, that you really love and want to highlight, and let that guide your choices. Though this may seem the same as most people's approach of picking the thing you hate and want to hide, it's totally different. Focus on the bits that you adore and really want to show off, that make you feel bloody brilliant, and make sure your chosen dress helps this feeling. (Bear in mind it might not end up being the way you thought it'd be shown off - wanting to show off your bust doesn't always have to mean a low neckline, if you're not comfortable with those!)

That being said, be open & try shapes that aren't what you usually go for - you could be surprised! So many brides think they could never wear a tight fitting dress, but a tight fitting wedding dress isn't like wearing high street bodycon - the quality of these dresses mean they'll do things for you figure you wouldn't believe! 

Also, think about what you're going to be comfortable in - both with regards to how you look, and how you feel. Consider your movement in it - slinky dresses are all well and good but if you can't drop it like it's hot on the dancefloor without a seam splitting, it's not going to be an all-day and all-night winner. You need to be able to bust a move in your wedding outfit!"


Every body is different, and everybody has different bits of themselves that they want to hide and bits that they want to show off. This is where we come in! We will help you find a dress that works for your body.

There are all kinds of styling tricks to help with any body hang up you have - from the simplest (‘I want to hide my arms’), to the things that you assume will never change (‘I’m short and I don’t want to look dumpy’) - and we’ve got them all!

(In case you’re wondering - to hide your arms, we have plenty of dresses with sleeves and if you don’t want sleeves, we have illusion sleeves and jackets, galore! For you lovely shorties, we’ll find you some separates, or a dress with waist detail, to break up your silhouette and create the illusion of height!)

We understand that everyone is hung up on something, and whether other people notice it or not is irrelevant - you notice it - so we’re not going to spend time talking you into a dress you look amazing in if it’s not going to make you feel good on your big day.

We are here to work with you, to make sure that you feel like the sassiest bride there is!


And we will - so come and see us, and lets get to it! You can book an appointment now via our online scheduler

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