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Come join the Rock The Frock Collective! A safe space for brides-to-be!

Posted by Elevens Global Collaborator on
Come join the Rock The Frock Collective! A safe space for brides-to-be!

Pssst...have you hear about our community? We don't tell everyone because, you know, who wants to join a club everyone's in?

facebook group for boho brides

Photo by MJB Photo

We wanted to keep in contact better with our RTF fans and brides and we felt that doing that through Facebook and Instagram can sometimes feel a little bit faceless. We also wanted to introduce our awesome brides to each other as we know and appreciate how stressful the wedding planning process can be!

boho brides community on facebook

So, our solution is our Rock The Frock Community - a safe space where engaged ladies can share ideas, help each other with any wedding woes, bemoan that annoying relative who STILL hasn't RSVP'd and generally provide each other with some help and advice!

Not only is it a wonderful place for sharing, it's also full of AWESOME wedding suppliers who we have hand-selected because we KNOW them & TRUST them. They WON'T spam you with posts about why you should book them but they will chip in if you need suggestions of incredible wedding suppliers near to you! 

Eliza Clare Photography

Image by RTF Collective member Eliza Clare Photography 

How does that sound?

AND, to make the Rock The Frock Brides' Collective even better, we're now introducing VIP offers ONLY for our Collective members!

So, what are you waiting for?

Hop on over now & join us!

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