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2018 Wedding Trends According to Pinterest

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2018 Wedding Trends According to Pinterest

Weddings nowadays are bigger, badder and bespoke(r) than ever - but sometimes, in a sea of key words and hashtags, it can be hard to describe what you mean to the people that need to know. If you're struggling to get your vision of your day perfectly summed up verbally, Pinterest is your best friend. A hub of ideas and inspiration that essentially functions as a portal into a whole other dimension of wedding wonder, you can use it to not only share with your fiancée what your plan for the flowers actually is ("well I'm thinking floral...with a bit of green...") but also collaborate with your suppliers to make sure your ideas are perfectly aligned. It's also an amazing way of keeping up to date with what's available and what your suppliers are loving too - as surely they like things you'd like too, or else you wouldn't have picked them! It's a rabbithole of veritable dreamy possibilities (and some impossibilities too) but it's an absolutely invaluable tool.

Pinterest do a yearly review in which they publicise their most popular pinned items across the board, and so we thought we'd break down the wedding-related ones for you. And they're all delightfully relaxed and boho-themed, which we're naturally thrilled about!


With a huge 2549% increase for "Moroccan" saves, it's easy to see that it's inspiring the nation. Delicious spices and mezze style food, outdoor dining, bright, vibrant colours and unique and breath-taking patterns all explain why. Inject a bit of Moroccan sunshine into your big day with jewel-coloured props and furniture, like these from Rock The Day Wedding Styling also styled by Rock The Day Wedding Styling and finished with grazing platters from Grape & Fig and stationery from Wonderland Invites.

Sheer Socks

Rock your wedding frock, and rock your wedding socks too. Like the swoonworthy work of Lirika Matoshi, sheer socks have come back big time. Style them with chunky platforms or clash with velvet heels.

Large earrings

"Structured statement earrings" have captured the hearts of many a Pinner, thanks to the total 80s nostalgia we're all currently loving and living. Whereas previously the bridal jewellery du jour has been small and delicate pearls or studs, and more of a finishing touch than a statement piece, fashion is now embracing geometric shapes and wow-worthy designs. "Lucite" and "patent leather" were also big winners in Pinterest's 2017 round-up, opening the floodgates for more industrial materials to finish off your gorgeous wedding dress, like these beaut earrings from Florence & Dot (stocked at Rock the Frock!)


2018 is giving monochrome a whole new makeover. Think less zebra-style, and more tonal dressing: double denim and all neutrals will be a big hit in menswear.

Small Print

Always read it, and always wear it - tailoring is embracing the microprint this year, harnessing the beauty of mini prints and patterns. It can also translate onto beautiful, bold, and breathtaking wedding stationery, for a more tasteful take on geometric.

Bright Eyes

Bright, neon eyeshadows are back with a bang and packing a punch. They're the perfect way to inject some colour into your alternative wedding outfit, and they also transport you from daytime to nighttime seamlessly, bringing the party to the wedding party.

Mixed metals

For a long time, metallics have reigned supreme. Everything from rose gold to pewter has had it's pedestal moment, influencing everything from fashion to interiors and all that lies in-between. This year, though, their powers are multiplied tenfold, as the magic of mixed metallics come into play. Instead of an accent colour in your decor, mix different metallic hues, for a laidback but totally luxe feel.


We know, Greenery was very 2017, but Sage is 2018's incarnation. Turning away from the darker, deeper hues, Sage is a lighter, more botanical-inspired tone. It looks equally as pretty in dark jewel-toned bouquets as it does on groomsmen's suits, and is perfect for accent illustrations on wedding invites.  


"Filled balloons" have filled our feeds and Pinterest's 2018 projections. They're the perfect statement decor, adding height to any room, playing on the plastic trend, and relatively inexpensive too. Play around with fillings - confetti, glitter, foliage and feathers all look fantastic, and can match your decor perfectly. The Wedding Spark created this gorgeous colourful scene with them, and it looks divine!

Guest book keepsakes

Another tick for decor delights: why not double it up as a memento? Not only does it give you something you can display proudly in your home from the best day of your life, but it also creates another area in your venue to always keep something going on for your guests.


Okay, so technically this was boho baby showers, but the point remains - antiquey patterns, vintage-inspired florals and total boho chic are dominating trend patterns. We've been flying the boho flag for years and proudly so, with design-led styles that you'll want to (and will be able to!) wear all day. Think tassels and texture, floaty fabrics and gorgeous silhouettes, with nothing too fussy or structured. Pinworthy, swoonworthy.


Mother macra-may we? Creamy and dreamy, macramé is taking the wedding world by storm. It makes a perfect wall hanging for the ceremony backdrop, or to hang behind the top table for the reception, adding texture and boho chic to any venue. Totally simple yet totally satisfying, it can also be a joint activity for your maids to get up to on a crafty hen do, if DIY is more your thang than debauchery (or just before the debauchery gets well under way!) 


How many of these did you pin last year? How many feature on your wedding boards? We love seeing what you get up to on Pinterest, and we're only ever 10 minutes away from a good scroll for more sumptuous ideas. Remember to follow us on there to keep up to date with our inspirations! 

 Blog by Ellie Kime 

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